Vintage style is fashionable among interior designers, who propose a few small adjustments, but significant enough to give the home a retro charm.

Hardwood floors are excellent to create a rustic atmosphere and you can be sure that also your guests will feel just like home when they walk through the rooms covered in wood. One of the advantages of wood is the soft texture and warmth that gives to the interior.

You can choose a varnished natural wood or one painted in a darker shade, now you can even find in hardware stores flooring that mimics the patina of time, so it will be much easier to give the rooms a retro look.

In addition, this material is extremely versatile, fitting well with any color you choose to paint the inside or with any type of wallpaper. Wood may prove a profitable investment, as it is a highly durable material.

Vintage Decoration

When you decide giving the house a retro touch, it’s good that the patterns and colors that you use on walls resonate with the rest of the furniture.

Pastel shades such as pale pink, blue and mint green are ideal to be associated with classical period. If you want, instead, something more powerful, then use a patterned wallpaper, for example one with flowers, an important theme in the vintage décor and it is meant to create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

Retro Style Home Decor
Whether it’s an old wooden table or a dusty chandelier, there are plenty of old pieces that can bring in the house the chic air of past decades. It shouldn’t scare you the fact that the pieces you find in the grandfather’s old warehouse are not exactly in perfect condition. With a small investment you can fix them and you will see how many compliments you’ll get from friends that enter your house.

When it comes to giving the house a retro look, don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations of textures and colors.

You could use, for example, old scarves to turn them into decorative covers for cushions or even in pictures! Everything is to be creative.

Retro Style Decoration