Home Cleaning Services and why Spot-On

Why Spot-On Home Cleaning Services? Well, we based our name in the one thing that makes the difference between a well cleaned home and an average cleaned house, and that is attention to details and known blind spots a regular cleaning service might overlook, like:
  • Air conditioning filters
  • Top of doors and picture's frames
  • Under/behind the kitchen's range/stove
  • Over/under/behind the kitchen refrigerator
  • Behind consumer electronics (TV, Computers, etc)
  • Window blinds
  • Light fixture covers
  • Under the sofa/couch
  • Sliding door tracks
  • Top of kitchen, bedroom & bathroom cabinets
Our quality control specialist will first schedule a home visit to create a Spot-On checklist which in turn, will be passed onto the cleaning crew to further revisions and execution. After your services are completed, the quality control specialist might drop by for an post-cleaning inspection and evaluation. Note: If you are subscribed to a regular schedule, then the specialist will perform surprise quality controls at any given moment along the contract while the crew is engaged on assignment.
List of Cleaning Services

House Keeping

  • Laundry Wash-n-Fold
  • Floor Scrubbing & Mopping
  • Floor Sweeping & Vacuuming
  • Kitchen Degreasing & Dishwashing

Cleaning Services

  • House Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleanup
  • Kitchen Degreasing & Dishwashing

Maid Services

  • Bed Making
  • Babby Sitting
  • Meal Cooking
  • Laundry & Ironing
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Home Cleaning Services
commercial window washing
Building Window Washing/Cleaning
Wash and Fold Maid Services
Floor Scrubbing & Mopping
Floor Diamond Cutting & Polishing
Post Construction Home Cleaning Miami
Post Construction Cleanup
Housekeeping Bed Making
Spot-On Quality Control Check