Obviously, you want your home to shine for the Holidays. If you don’t have too much time to decorate, try these simple decor options, but to great effect

These old skates can successfully replace the classic socks for gifts. And you have to admit that they are in trend with the season, so they are a perfect Christmas decoration. Knot their shoelaces and hang them in a nail as if you are ready to take them and go to the rink. Embellish them with some mini gift packages and with a delicate garland.

Christmas Ornament Decorations for house

Warm the winter scenery with a bowl of citrus. Choose lemons, limes and oranges and put among them a few sprigs of fir tree and some baubles. The mixture of flavors will give a holiday air to the entire room.

Decoration ideas for Christmas home decor
An old picture frame can be the perfect piece to attract all eyes. Firstly paint it in silver bronze, then fix it on the wall and begin to create the picture. Fix in the middle a decorative wreath, then attach some fir-tree branches using ribbons.

Surprise your guests with welcoming seasons greetings. The fastest and playful way to prepare them is to use the parts from a Scrabble. Your guests will be thrilled and will continue to play creating new words.

Season's Greetings Decor Ideas

After you decorated the Christmas tree, you definitely remained with a lot of baubles from the “collections” of previous years. Do not rush to place them back into the box, but fill with them some transparent glass dish and put them in different places in the house. They are colorful and will enliven the atmosphere.


Wherever you want to add an air of celebration, use the Christmas ornaments. Hang them, for example, all around a mirror. They will reflect and will double visually, enhancing the effect.

Tips for decorating the house for Christmas

For a festive look put in a wooden bowl a few thick candles around and surround them silver Christmas ornaments. The light will reflect causing them to literally shine.

Christmas Decoration Arrangements for home