Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning Guide

Tile Floor Cleaning Guide

Ceramic tiles are the simplest and easiest to maintain if you do follow through with an scheduled maintenance habit.
Ceramic tiles can handle most cleaning agents without losing their shine, and they won’t scratch easily. Unfortunately, they hide dirt and harbour many germs. Properly cleaning and scrubbing are essential task you need to add to your to your tiles cleaning chores.

Cleaning Toilet And Bathroom

toilet cleaning

Toilet and bathroom cleaning is one of the household tasks you wish to get through speedily. You must provide an extra effort in scrubbing, washing, wiping, and brushing to achieve the desired cleanliness unlike cleaning the living rooms or bedrooms which only requires sweeping, vacuum cleaning, and mopping. Despite all that, you cannot simply disregard the […]

The Art of Vacuuming Your House The Right Way

Vacuum tips

When we’re talking about vacuuming what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, if you’re me, which you aren’t (duh!), it’s power. If you don’t have powerful suction, you just can’t vacuum; it’s that simple. But does that mean you have to shell out thousands of dollars on an industrial-strength vacuum? Of course not! […]