Toilet and bathroom cleaning is one of the household tasks you wish to get through speedily. You must provide an extra effort in scrubbing, washing, wiping, and brushing to achieve the desired cleanliness unlike cleaning the living rooms or bedrooms which only requires sweeping, vacuum cleaning, and mopping.

Despite all that, you cannot simply disregard the toilet and bathroom as they play important roles in our homes and in our lives, so we should appreciate it. With your hectic schedules, demanding jobs, and frenzied lifestyle, it seems that you are more likely to give up doing chores simply because you have no time for it.

Cleaning Toilet And Bathroom

Try using baking soda in lukewarm water when removing soap crusts in soap container. But you can simply brush it if it the soap crusts are not that attached to the container. Be sure you will leave no soap residues on the floor as you and your clients might slip and fall.

toilet cleaning

Lime or hard water that had formed in sinks and sides of the drain can be removed by pouring acids like vinegar and lemon juice. For fiber glasses, never use acids as it might stain the surface. Ask the clients about their preferred cleaning materials since there are a lot of commercial cleaning products available in the market that may or may not be compatible with what you are cleaning. Always read the labels carefully before using them.

If there is a leak or problem in the client’s bathroom pipes, inform him right away so that it would be repaired immediately. Dripping water from broken plumbing will further soil the sink and the bathroom tiles.

toilet cleaning tips

Hard water and mineral stains in toilet

Wear rubber gloves for this toilet cleaning tip.
  1. In a disposable pan put strips of toilet tissue folded in half, pour enough Lime Away on them to soak thoroughly.
  2. Stick tissue paper to lime scale buildup or mineral deposits under rim.
  3. Allow to soak as long as necessary to loosen buildup (it might take several applications to thoroughly remove).
  4. If stains are below water, shut off water supply then flush. Use a plunger to remove all the water possible or dip out. Pour Lime Away into any remaining water, enough to be a strong solution.
  5. Use toilet tissue soaked in Lime A Way to areas out of water. Allow to soak as necessary.
  6. Remove a piece of tissue . Use Toilet brush designed to get under the rim. Use Firm toothbrush to remove any that you can’t reach.
NOTE: Pumice stone can also be used on stubborn stains !