When you arrange your garden, you tend to be mindful only of personal comfort. But a garden should be comfortable and welcoming also for your guests. Here are three unusual decor ideas that you can put into practice anytime, without much effort.


Paving your court in the form of a scrabble board is an original idea. Surround the chosen perimeter using planks of wood, which you fix at a depth three to four centimeters into the ground, then pour concrete. Before the concrete to dry, delineate the squares, just like on a scrabble board.
It is preferable to buy tiles in two colors. If you don’t have this possibility, paint the tiles with special paint for concrete, in brown and white or beige. Then, using a thin brush, draw some numbers, so the scrabble board to be as much as authentic.

Instead of a scrabble board you can arrange one of chess, using white and black marble.


A small fountain will give your yard a great look, because you can create around it a recreation space, where both guests and your family will feel excellent.

Around the fountain you can also arrange a pavement in several colors. And for the landscape to be completely, place around the fountain also a few pots in which to plant colorful flowers.


You can make a romantic corner with a mysterious note by using lamps. Opt for some that you can hang on a tree, to create the appearance of a light curtain. Opt for different colors and shapes.

You can even do it yourself, using jars of different sizes, that you don’t use anymore. Tie a wire all around the mouth of the jar. Of this wire catch a rope and hang the lamp on the branch of a tree.